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My name is Marcia Huff.  I have a huge passion for all things CRAFTING....but the one that is closest to my heart is SCRAPBOOKING!  Why?  It enables me to get thousands of pictures and memories off of my phone and into archive-safe albums that will last for years to come (not to mention, the conversation that ensues when I have family and friends over and we pull out the albums!)


Back in the year 2000, I made and gave my Mom a scrapbook for her 66th birthday.  The joy it gave me while putting it together was amazing. The joy she received looking at it and sharing it with others was priceless.   Fast forward to 2011.  When my mom passed, that scrapbook was returned to me.  It sits on my coffee table and I enjoy it daily!  It is in perfect condition and all of the pictures are safe.  


This is the reason I utilize CREATIVE MEMORIES products.  Follow this link to read the Creative Memories promise:  http://www.creativememories.com/our-promise.






How Can I Help YOU?

Make your own Traditional or Digital Album

1.  Purchase your very own Traditional Creative Memories products here.  

2.  Register for a "Memories with Marcia" workshop to learn all the tricks of the trade!

3.  Get together and crop with other scrapbookers to relax and work on your pages!



Let me make it for you!

1.  Don't have time or the desire to make your own album, but want to keep your memories safe?

2.  For only $30 per hour, plus materials, I will make an album you will be proud of!


Please contact me for further information. 

Marcia Huff:

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